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see how we do what we do.  

from photo to film to voice to web... 
we've got you covered...
& ​here's how we do it!

photo & film options:  we film on-site still HDR photos, HD video action shots, plus aerial drone photo & videos:

copywriting options:  based on our photography & video, our copywriter writes a compelling script selling your property:

voiceover options:  we voice your script in our voice studio: (female voice talent also available)       

music options:  we add music to your video from our music collection to make your video pop:
(visit our music collection @musicbakery.com here)

editing options:  we edit everything together
& adjust both audio & music levels:

youtube options:  we upload the completed MLS ready ​video to youtube:

website options:  we create a custom website featuring the photos, narrrated video, key selling points & host on a domain name of the property address for sale:
(i.e., 123MainStreet.com)


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